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That means never! No "Palestinian" state!

Why not?

Because it would be a state founded on, dedicated to, predicating Jew Hatred!

The only reason of the existence of a "palestinian" state would be to deny Jews their homeland.

It would be "state" that is "clean" of Jews. (remember, the orginator of the ideology of hate--Islam--sprayed out in fury that Jews were descendants--and progenitors [according to at least one Islamic cleric*]--of apes and pigs.)
[Dry bones cartoon palestine quiz]

IS ISRAEL DOOMED? by Kenneth Levin
Kenneth Levin writes that "[i]n addition to the animosity of the Arab world, Israel is faced with much hostile sentiment in Europe, fed by traditional anti-Semitism, by leftist anti-Americanism and association of Israel with America, by perverse, ahistorical leftist twisting of the Israeli-Arab conflict into Israeli colonialists brutalizing the supposedly indigenous population, and by the European media being house organs for anti-Israel bigotry of all these pedigrees." Add in the hate exhibited by various organs of the United Nations, peace-at-any-price Israelis, radicalized Israeli Arabs, estranged diapora Jews, the threat of nuclear annihilation and the constant barrage of rocket fire. That's a lot of ill-will directed against a tiny country. Yet its major problems seem of its own making: suffering Hezbollah attacks for years and then attacking without real preparation; expelling the Jewish residents of Gaza; and most stupidly, its pretending it had peace partners, when all these partners wanted was to destroy Israel. It needs to get over its "desire to propitiate its enemies, to see salvation in concessions and self-reform and to ignore the nature and the dimensions of the threat." This is a very wise assessment. READ MORE

JEW-HATING JEWS: Jews who avidly support the cause of "the poor 'Palestinians'"

These disgusting, although understandable "we-don't-really-want-to-be-Jews-we-are-like-all-you-nonJewishJewHaters-so-accept-us-as-ones-as-bleeding-for-humanity-(the'palestinians')-as-you-all-are" validate the two-state, leading to the one-state-of-its-"citizens"-Arab-as-well-as-Jew-until-Arabs-demographically-can-take-over solution, or ideally the Islamic state of "Palestine," as clean of Jews as are Jordan, Gaza, Saudi, and the like.

Who are they and where do you find these despibable wretches, deserving of a fate left to individual imaginations? Read on . . .

PERVERSE CHILDREN by Patricia Berlyn
Patricia Berlyn provides us an insightful look at the "self-hating" Jew. She points out that for these perverse children, "[i]t is not enough for them to cast off a Jewish identity and merge into the mainstream; they must take on the identity of the most Judeophobic elements of that mainstream." Their talent for inventing reasonable-sounding but spurious arguments have provided the Judeophobes and the recently-invented people, the "Palestinians", some of their best material. READ MORE

Irwin Cotler describes the rise of a new type of anti-semitism. "... classical or traditional anti-Semitism is the discrimination against, denial of or assault upon the rights of Jews to live as equal members of whatever host society they inhabit. The new anti-Semitism involves the discrimination against the right of the Jewish people to live as an equal member of the family of nations — the denial of and assault upon the Jewish people's right even to live — with Israel as the 'collective Jew among the nations.' Judenstaatrein applies to the Jewish state as judenrein does to jews. Cotler describes some characteristics of Judenstaatrein anti-semitism: it is overtly proposed by states; it is unabashedly proclaimed in terror-state proxies: the terror organizations of Hamas, PLO, Hizbullah, etc.; it has the weight of Islamic clerics and media behind it. Classic anti-semitism used the language of racism; this brand uses the benign words of humanism and civil rights. This article suggests that we can no longer pretend that those who want to destroy Israel are not gunning for Jews everywhere. This article needs to be taken seriously. READ MORE
*All Pigs Must Die Because they Descended From Jews-->Egyptian Cleric PMW/The Lid ^ 5/13/09 The Lid
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More love from the "moderate" clerics from The Religion of Peace. According to a Senior religious leader in the "friendly" nation of Egypt, Sheikh Ahmed Ali Othman, all pigs in the world are descended from Jews that were turned into pigs by Allah--and that's why pigs are hated creatures that should be killed. He even has a another source for his theory, in the "moderate" country of Jordan, newspaper Al-Hakika al-Dawliya adds cites Sheikh Ali Abu Al-Hassan, head of the Fatwa Committee at Al-Azhar University says that Allah turned all the Jews into pigs and monkeys, but those animals died out.

Gee, I wonder if they got to pick whether they became an ape or a pig? Either way its sad because Al-Azhar University could have used those Jews for their football team.
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Flagrant antisemite Pat Buchanan verbally lambastes Israel as always in his "Bibi and Israel at Dead End" at

Buchanan's whining complaints about what to do for example with the 2.4 million Arabs squatting in Judea (The so-called "West Bank") and the 1.5 million occupying Gaza can easily be remedied by moving them off Jewish land into the empty spaces of their fellow-Moslems' miriad "states" that make up Islam's umma (self-styled "community").

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