Friday, May 1, 2009

How to Resist and Win Against Islam Without Being Duped and Used by Antisemites

The problem is that only groups that resist the Islamization of their countries are nativists* that also look upon Jews as a foreign element. Allthough anti-Islam cannot be called "racist"--as we all know Islam has enveloped all races--it readily lends itself to be viewed as being against one "religion." We all know that Islam is much more than a mere religion (it has a major political and a social component), but being opposed to Islam echoes the Jew-hatred of the Nazis.

Even though anti-Islamic groups may have Jews as members and be in support of Israel, this is construed by their multiculturalist Leftist opponents as mere "eye wash" to divert attention from their "racism."

The target of these "nativist" groups are the Islamics who are taking over their native countries. Vocal Islamic groups and individuals--many of the latter in the governments of the host countries--call any group opposing them "racist" and "Nazis." With glee, they watch while the host countries' Leftists also brand the nativists as "racist" and "Nazis."

The so-called "Palestinians" and the entire Islamic world supporting them call the Israelis "Nazis." It is a label easily bandied about.

Those who oppose their countries being taken over by Islamics are left with the choice of either supporting the only anti-Islamic elements--the nativists--or eventually living under Islamic law.

This offers a choice between two equally unpleasant alternatives, that is, a dilemma, or two lines of reasoning that lead to the same unpleasant conclusion (from

Of course, if you absolutely will not consider allying with the "nativists," you can look at the the only other option being offered: eventually living under Islamic law. You may refuse to take that option. In that case, you will have to find a refuge in what remains of the non-Islamic world, submit to Islam, convert to islam, or leave this mortal coil by your own hand or at that of your conquerors (from

Is there a third alternative? Yes, if a mainstream movement resisting Islamization, separate from the "nativists," were to arise in countries being innundated with Mohammedans.

Such a third force, if in sufficient numbers, could halt the drive of the Leftist multiculturalists to allow special rights and privileges for the followers of Islam, and reverse the inflow of "asylum seekers" and other Moslem immigrants.

The people attracted to this third force would be those who want to preserve freedom of thought and action and independence from a foreign ideology.

Subsequent actions to return the governance of countries to their pre-Islamic populations will have to be considered. Prior to any other actions, the Islamic assault on the West will have to be halted. Islamic populations will have the choice of being assimilated, integrated, or expelled.

Assimilation--becoming like all other citizens with only a difference in spiritual belief is not likely.

Integration--living peacefully as a group apart from other citizens, without interference with them is also unlikely, as long as Saudi-financed and other jihadist influences are allowed to flourish.

This leaves expulsion, a delicate subject as it skirts the early Nazi idea of expelling all Jews from where it reigned. At that time, as not many countries accepted Jewish refugees, this turned into the Nazis systematically killing the Jews in their territories.

Expulsion can be accomplished, however, by reversing the flow of Islamic immigration that has taken place over the past decades. How? By removing the benefits that attracted hordes of immigrants in the first place and offering an attractive alternative.
*nativism - in the historical context, this means the favoring of the interests of long-standing inhabitants of an area over those of newcomers....

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