Monday, April 20, 2009

Saving America

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Judging from the conduct of the United States vis-a-vis German and Soviet imperialism, America’s world-historical function—wittingly or unwittingly pursued—is to preserve the political independence and territorial integrity of other nations threatened by any expansionist regime that would obliterate their particularity by means of any universalistic ideology.

We see here an extension of the Monroe Doctrine of 1823. This doctrine requires democratic America—still the greatest power on earth—to intervene in any strategically significant area threatened by any form of global imperialism and tyranny.

Given the existence of weapons of mass destruction on the one hand, and the burgeoning Muslim population in areas of strategic significance on the other, Islam has become the most dangerous enemy of American democracy. The epicenter of this enemy is Iran.

As pointed out by Robert Baer, The Devil We Know (2008), Iran’s ultimate goal is to restore the Persian Empire. Iran is well situated to control Persian Gulf oil on which the world’s economy largely depends. This would of course be facilitated if Iran become a nuclear power. In fact, with nuclear tipped ballistic weapons, Iran could pacify Europe—or should I say “Eurabia?”

Iran is also in a position to manipulate Iraq whose south is controlled by Shiite Muslims. Consider, too, Iran’s growing influence in Syria. To this add Iran’s control of Lebanon via Iran’s proxy Hezbollah, which is even establishing cells on the Red Sea affronting Egypt. It has also been reported that Hezbollah has “sleeper cells” in the United States.

Meanwhile, Iran is forming ties with anti-American regimes in South America. America is in trouble, especially with Barack Obama in the White House.

For the Obama administration, the Monroe Doctrine is as remote as the stone-age. But this only means that thoughtful Republicans—indeed, patriotic Americans in general—should think of organizing highly visible national conferences and seminars on what must be done to save America from her internal and external enemies.

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