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Jews, whose ancestors were Jews--that is, did not convert to Christianity, Mohammedanism, nor any other religion--live among most of the nations of the world as Jews, observant or not.

"Most of the nations," because such territories in the clutch of Islam as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Arab-Occupied Territories of Israel are forbidden to Jews.

The Jews that live in and among the nations, that allow them to do so, are today being hounded by the Mohammedans and their Leftist-Liberal supporters. They are being physically abused and if possible killed by Mohammedans in Europe and vilified by these same Moslem-Leftist forces in the United States.

Jews in Israel urge all Jews of the world to "Return to Israel." But what is Israel today?

Once it was to be the "Refuge" for all persecuted Jews. Today, it is a state under siege from all sides. During so-called "Ceasefires," missiles continue to be lobbed into Israel cities. The respect that Israel once earned by defeating Arab-Mohammedan armies has evaporated with the concessions given the Moslem-placating world, until Israel is a harried object of hate from Scandinavia to Africa, from Indonesia to the Americas*.

What should Israel's posture be as concerns the disapproving World?

The example of North Korea comes to mind. A small country, sharing a peninsula with a democratic country consisting of the same people, it resists the giant United States, thumbing its nose at the behemoth.

Of course, it has powerful protector: Communist China.

But, you may well say, Israel also has a powerful protector: the United States.

The U.S.--a "protector" or a country that tries to play "the even-handed broker" so as to placate the oil-sources it needs: Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Arab emirates, and the whole howling anti-Israel world contingent from the U.N. to the European Union?

The U.S. is an ally of Israel, but Israel must allow the Arabs that occupy Judea, Samaria, and Gaza to form a "state"--with a "corridor" that will bisect Israel.

The U.S. is no friend of Israel's. It plays both sides and, as is proper, acts in its own interests.

So, the world's Jews are once again in a dire situation: hounded in all the world--except in the United States, where they are protected by its Constitution. That revered document is under constant attack by not only the foreign ideology that is Islam but by internal Leftist-Socialist-Marxists.

As said before, the Jews of Israel urge the Jews of the United States to come to Israel before the anti-Jew forces in the United States gain sufficient support to allow American Jews to be hounded as they are in most countries of the world.

Should American Jews trust the government of Israel to provide them with a refuge, a sacrosanct homeland?

Judging by the cowardly behavior of recent Israeli governments, this question continues to plague the harassed Jewish soul.

*Hugo Chavez, Decree of Expulsion for the Jews

And this one is [an e-mail from RAQUEL, a Venezuelan:

Last night, night of Shabbat, the main Synagogue of Mariperez, the main one of the Sephardic Community of Venezuela, was attacked by a group of armed men, ga[g]ged the watchmen, was inside from the 10 and 30 until the 3 a.m., destroyed the communitarian administrative offices, destroyed the Synagogue, removed the Sefarim from the Tora they pisotearon and them, they profaned the Synagogue, they wrote anti-semitic slogans.

All [of us] are very consterna[ted] with this news, hope that the Government reacts and says something coherent, but this I am [certain] is not work of Venezuelans, [but] Muslims who [are] advising . . . Chavez are the cause. . . of this attack, I am [very sure] . . . .

COMMENT: Chavez is no friend of Jews, but is allied with al qaeda Moslems and anti-Jewish Left socialists.

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- February 2, 2009

"Patriots win. The Arab ones"
Jews accept moral equivalence of the People of Israel with a Palestinian no-nation, but Hamas doesn’t deal in splitting its motherland. . . .

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