Saturday, February 14, 2009

What about the Arabs in Israel?

the so-called "Israeli Arabs?"

These should never be even called "Israelis," because to be an Israeli must be reserved for those who are Jews--who were and are being hounded the world over and need a place where they can take a strong stand against those who are slavering to exterminate them, a la Nazi death-machine production, and make these Jew- murderers pay an intolerable price for their actual or planned Jew-murders. The price the planners and executors Jew-murder must be made to pay must so painful and heart-rending for the would-be exterminators--striking at what they treasure above all else (forget their children--for they will gladly sacrifice these in service of their heinous purpose)--that they and their descendants will in all perpetuity remember and stay their hands from murdering or even harming Jews for just being Jews.

What is this price that must be exacted from the Jew-murderers? Think family, think ideology, think the places sacred to them.
--Leslie White

From Israel Commentary comes the following, posted by Jerome S. Kaufman:

An Arab resident of Israel writes:

Lieberman and his party are not a marginal political element such as Meir Kahane’s party, Kach. We are dealing with immense political power that constitutes tangible danger to Israeli Arabs. He hates us and incites against us, and we can see that it’s going very well for him: The more he incites against us, the stronger he gets. That is, we managed to make the Jewish public hate us so much that many are willing to support a racist party. If a party were similarly inciting against Jews overseas, those same Lieberman supporters would probably cry out “anti-Semitism.”

I turn to Arab residents of Israel: This is a moment of truth for us. We are facing grave danger, and don’t say that you weren’t warned. Eighteen Knesset seats for Lieberman is no longer a political game. For us, it’s genuine trouble. We cannot stand by and watch on, as if this does not pertain to us. We must enlist and massively support the moderate parties that will weaken Lieberman.

We constitute 20% of the population in Israel and we have the ability to exert significant influence. We do not have the privilege to stay at home at this time and avoid the political game. If we fail to play it, others shall play it on our backs.

The [Arab] writer is the principal of an elementary school at Kfar Kara (Israel)

Jerome S. Kaufman, who posted this article at Israel Commentary has this to say about his post:

PS I tried to look up Kfar Kara on the Internet and found it confusing. It appears to be primarily a Muslim Arab village within Israel. It is very close to Um El Fahm, a village hot-bed of Arab nationalism within Israel where Left wing Israeli Jews delude themselves into thinking they are getting along well with Israeli Arabs. They have convinced themselves that they are finding common ground with the Arabs - all becoming equal loyal partners of the Israeli nation. Undoubtedly, there are still Israeli Jews that persist in living within this bubble so as not to allow over 100 years of facts to get in the way.

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