Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Why No Revolution in Israel

Paul Eidelberg

Let us start the “New Year” right with a dose of truth, without which Israel has no future.

People wonder why there has been no revolution in Israel. They see that one government after another, especially since the Rabin government of 1993-95, has been betraying the country, has been yielding Jewish land to Israel’s most implacable enemies, Muslim Arabs who openly proclaim their commitment to wiping Israel off the map.

This genocidal objective is not only conspicuous in the pronouncements of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is not only conspicuous and in the Charter of the PLO-Palestinian Authority, which calls for “the complete liberation of Palestine.” It is not only conspicuous in the Hamas Charter, which states: "Israel will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it."

No, this Islamic commitment, rooted in the Quran, is also conspicuous in the tourist maps of Egypt which, despite that country’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel, continue to depict the Land of Israel as “Palestine.”

So why do the people of Israel, a large majority of which have no confidence in any agreement with Arabs—why do they tolerate Israeli governments that consistently lie to them about peaceful coexistence between Jews and their 1,400-year Islamic enemies?

Why do the people of Israel tolerate governments that have released and armed more than 7,000 Arab terrorists since Oslo 1993, terrorists who have continued to murder and maim Jewish men, women, and children?

Why haven’t the people of Israel rebelled against a government that permits Arabs in Gaza to terrorize and devastate Sderot by striking that city of 25,000 Jews with more than 5,000 missiles?

Why do the people of Israel endure a government that allowed Hezbollah to bomb and depopulate northern Israel during the Second Lebanon War?

Why do the people of Israel look on with passivity while that same government completes plans to expel 200,000 Jews from Judea and Samaria to make room for a Palestinian (terrorist) state with Jerusalem as its capital?

Why haven’t Jewish patriots or nationalist groups, whether secular or religious—why haven’t they united to throw the rascals or traitors out?

No, it’s not simply Jewish apathy. Jewish apathy is primarily a consequence of Jewish powerlessness. The people of Israel have been disempowered—indeed, have been effectively disenfranchised—by their system of governance, a system erroneously deemed a democracy because of its periodic, multi-party elections—a politically superficial phenomenon!

Moreover, apart from the Yamin Israel Party headed by the present writer, no other organization in Israel has dared to expose, with vivid empirical and historical evidence, as well as with compelling theoretical arguments, the biggest lie in the Middle East: that Israel is a democracy!

More than any other single factor, it is precisely the officially promoted belief that Israel is a democracy—a belief spoon-fed by Israel’s educational institutions—that inhibits revolution in this country. Thus, regardless of which party or party coalition is at the helm, the people of Israel continue to be betrayed by their ruling elites, who, for whatever reasons, continue to pursue the suicidal policy of “land for peace.”

I elaborate on this betrayal in a paper just published by the Ariel Center for Policy Research, a paper entitled “The Fixation of Israel’s Elites on ‘Land for Peace’: Five Interpretations.”

This paper provides deep analyses of “Why No Revolution in Israel.”

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