Tuesday, January 8, 2008

From Where Did Bush Get His “Vision”?

By Gary Cooperberg

A Voice from Hebron by Gary M. Cooperberg
Website: http://www.projectshofar.org/

January 7, 2008 — What do you suppose would have happened had we had leaders with genuine self respect and sincere love for Zion? First of all there never would have been such a thing as an Arab citizen of Israel, let alone member of Knesset. Arabs who wanted to live in peace here as resident aliens with full human rights but no civil rights, would be welcome as long as they recognized Jewish sovereignty and agreed to live by our laws.

The first intifada would have been quashed before it even began, as rock throwers would have been be shot on sight. Such a policy, although seemingly ruthless, would have saved countless lives, for both Jews and Arabs. It would also have saved the state a fortune in monies spent to repair damages resulting from Arab attacks as well as providing so many cars with rock proof windows. Why should it be necessary to provide bullet proof buses for public transportation rather than remove those who shoot at buses?

Oslo would never have seen the light of day as no normal leader would consider sitting with the likes of an Arafat and presenting him with parts of the Land of Israel as a gift. The Gaza giveaway would certainly never have happened and we would not be facing Kassams every day. Had we made it clear that we will never negotiate our homeland for any reason, then George Bush would never have hallucinated the so called “Road Map” as it would be clear to everyone that carving up the tiny Jewish State to appease terrorist murderers would be unthinkable.

The only way to “negotiate” with terrorists is to destroy them completely. Otherwise we strengthen them and make it so much more difficult to destroy them later. Today the Jewish State has a policy of strengthening Abu Mazan. This policy has resulted in the murder of Jews and the acceptance of terror as a legitimate form of “protest” (when performed by Arabs). As such our government has turned captured murderers loose as a policy!

For a Jewish Prime Minister to welcome discussion on the dismemberment of his country is an act of treason. To declare that such a stance is holy is blasphemy. A Jewish Prime Minister should never be afraid to tell any American President that the exclusive sovereignty of the state of Israel is not open to negotiation. If the Arabs feel the need to create yet another Arab state there is no room in the state of Israel to do so. If the President feels so strongly about the need to create such a state let him do it in Texas. That state has much more room to do so than does tiny Israel.

And, although a visit from an American President is always a great honor, a true self respecting Israeli leader would demand that the President bring Pollard with him as a precondition for such a visit. Instead our present Prime Minister is busy thinking of ways to grovel before the President by dismantling Jewish communities and promising to build an enemy state on Jewish soil. This will not bring us closer to peace, rather it will guarantee chaos and war and needless loss of life.

Mr. Bush seems to think that he will be the great “peace maker” since he feels that both Olmert and Abu Mazen trust him. Nobody trusts him. Olmert and his ilk are terrified by the office of President. And Abu Mazen and his ilk have learned how to use democratic terms and negotiations to use the American President to accomplish far more than they could by war to attain their goal to destroy the Jewish state.
Were Bush truly a G-d fearing man, never mind a “friend” of Israel, he would never dare suggest that Israel divide her homeland. Such a stance is in direct conflict with the Will of G-d. Unless he rewrites his “roadmap” to coincide with that of the Bible, his efforts will only result in tragedy... not peace.

Project Shofar is dedicated to spreading these truths wherever it is possible to do so. It is sounding the alarm, to Jew and Gentile alike,to open our eyes to the G-dly process that is presently underway, and work to support it. We dare not stand idly on the sidelines.

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