Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Obama's Lies and Islamic Dissimulation (Lies and More Lies)

Prof. Paul Eidelberg writes from Israel:

In view of Obama’s many distortions of history, please read this essay on Taqiyya—dissimulation—and ponder whether the occupant of the White House is a practitioner of this insidious doctrine, the key to understanding Islam’s war on Western civilization in general, and on the United States and Israel in particular.

How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of WarDefeating Jihadist Terrorism
by Raymond Ibrahim
Middle East Quarterly
Winter 2010

Muslim deception can be viewed as a slightly less than noble means to the glorious end of Islamic hegemony under Shari'a, which is seen as good for both Muslims and non-Muslims. In this sense, lying in the service of altruism is permissible. In a recent example, Muslim cleric Mahmoud al-Masri publicly recounted a story where a Muslim lied and misled a Jew into converting to Islam, calling it a "beautiful trick."

Prof. Paul Eidelberg,
President, Foundation for Constitutional Democracy

Deception and Dissimulation

The Liar (shown above with his so-beguiling smile) promised that would be "transparent" and "open" about everything that he would later foist off on us--e.g. The Obamacare boondoggle.

He never openly disavowed Islam, the opposite as a matter of fact (in Cairo). His "Christianity" that he now professes was that of the antisemitic, racist, Black Liberation Theology type, as espoused by the antisemite and white-American-hater "Rev." Jeremiah Wright.

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