Friday, November 20, 2009

Jews and Sarah Palin

Leftist Jews have a new target for their outrage, Sarah Palin, another fundamentalist Christian who supports Israel. Among Sarah Palin’s sins are that she shoots wolves and protects the unborn, to which Israeli literary figure Naomi Ragen has responded, would leftist Jews like her better if she shot children and nurtured wolf cubs?

--"The Jews, Palin, and Liberal Politics" By Abraham H. Miller
via Israpundit
from Israel Hasbara Committee . . .

It is also not surprising that in response to the pressure of leftist Jews, the pusillanimous leaders of Jewish organizations, whose sympathies incline toward the left, disinvited Palin from speaking at a Jewish organization rally, held outside the United Nations (September 23, 2008), protesting Iran’s quixotic, genocidal President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

As Caroline Glick notes in the Jerusalem Post of September 23, 2008, these leaders decided that it is more important to put Barack Obama in the White House than to stand up to the man who promises the world a Second Holocaust.

And if one looks at the backgrounds of some of these leaders, they reveal a menage of self-loathing Jews who have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Arabs and against Israel at critical moments that threatened Israel’s very survival.

While the Palin controversy rages in the Jewish community, I have received numerous anti-Palin emails from liberal Jewish women: several even asked me to contribute money to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin’s name, as a slap in the face to Palin’s pro-life politics.

As Iran pursues its nuclear program touted as the new Final Solution, the most critical issue on the minds of these liberal Jewish women is one that puts the deaths of the unborn ahead of the lives of six million Israeli Jews already delivered from the womb.

With attitudes like these, Jews need not fear the Islamic Jihadists and the Ahmadinejads of the world; Jews only need to fear the real enemy of the Jewish people�their co-religionists who are incapable of seeing the world from any vantage point other than one that is permanently and mindlessly anchored at the left end of the political spectrum.


Abraham H. Miller is an emeritus professor of political science, and a former counter-terrorist consultant to the National Institute of Justice.


Tommy 3 Lions said...

As a Bible believing Christian in England whom loves and stands with Israel, I wish we had a Sarah Palin over here. Your right tho mate what you say in your article. Social engineering or what?

urbanadder22 said...

You're right Tommy3Lions. It is political engineering. The same technique that saddled us here in the US with Obama.

Playing on guilt for the supposed "keeping down" of the descendants of slaves, and to show that we were not "racists," put the issue of a Kenyan Mohammedan and a misguided hippie woman into the presidency.

That this "first black president (a mulatto in actuality)was also a dedicated Marxist only made him more acceptable as he wanted "to share the wealth" among all people--the descendants of slaves, illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America, Moahmmedans of all origins--all paid for by Americans who work and pay taxes.

That this president never productively worked for a living, aside from non-productive rabble rousing in the black communities, endeared him even more to the electorate hungering for "social justice."

Voter fraud put the finishing touch on the railroading of this useless product of "Affirmative Action" into power.

Now these same forces are trying to demolish Sarah Palin, who appers to be a decent woman, without ulterior motives or hidden agenda.