Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What "Peace Process?"

From the Arabs' point of view, the end of--the goal of--the interminable "Peace Talks," "Peace Negotiations," the "Peace Process" is the dismantling of Israel. They have the patience of all Islamics, outwait, outbreed the "infidel."

From Are We Doomed?
by Rebecca Bynum


Here, I must echo the sentiments in the words of Richard L. Rubenstein who wrote*:

“As I read the moral indictments of Israel for its alleged human-rights abuses of the Palestinian people by so many of the mainline Protestant denominations and other seemingly well-intentioned individuals and groups, I have the feeling that they are either unaware of or unwilling to confront the true complexity of the struggle between Jews and Muslims over the Jewish presence in any part of Palestine, a presence that radical Muslims characterize as “a crime that must be erased.”[12] At times, I also have a darker thought. The men and women who write boycott and divestiture resolutions for denominational approval are, for the most part, highly educated products of some of our best seminaries and universities. Could it be that they see the destruction of Israel as their “final solution” to the problem of achieving peace in the Middle East?”


*My Grandmother’s Paper Bag by Richard L. Rubenstein

[12] Osama bin Laden, “Why We Are Fighting You,” Letter to America, in Raymond Ibrahim, ed., The Al Qaeda Reader (New York: Broadway Books, 2008), p. 198.


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