Monday, August 10, 2009


It's a toss-up (throw-up) really
There are the usual contenders:

Nazis (called "neo" today to differentiate them from the Hitler-gang Nazis)

Mohammedans - specifically, those "true" followers of Mohammed that share his rabid Jew-hatred

Catholics - those that believe that the Jews crucified "their" Lord (albeit he was a Jew, not a Catholic, not Irish, nor Italian, French, Spanish, and not especially an African, if he existed).

Prostestants - except for Evangicals, that is those who believe that all the Jews will return to Israel at the "end of days," when Jesus (the Messiah) returns, etc. By the way, the Mohammedans also have the Jews at the "end of days," hiding behind rocks, and what have you, so that they can be killed.

Let's see, whom did we leave out?

"Nordics," that is, those who believe in Thor, Wotan, the Valkyries, Valhalla, etc., be they from Norway, Sweden, Germany or the United Kingdom

Oh, and then those (not Jews) of the antisemitic Left, the South Africans ("Bishop" Desmond" Tutu), the Hugo Chavez crowd, etc.

Then the "Black Muslims"--Louis Farakhan and the boys in the prisons of that persuasion, and the Afrocentric Christians, such as Jeremiah Wright and the Catholic priest Phleger.

There's more, I'm sure, that I haven't covered, but that's enough to give you a taste--until we get to the Jews who hate Jews. Leftists, Liberals, whatever, but Jews--they can be counted amongst those who hate Jews.

But, to top this all off, let's look at the following:

A Comment from Israpundit's "The Spanish Inquisition and Me"

Marranos versus moriscos:

The muslims (arabs and berbers from Morocco) conquered Spain from+ the christians and ruled it in part for 700 years. The christians fought back stubbornly and finally won back all of Spain.
They conquered a lot of muslims, and a much smaller number of Jews.

The catholic spaniards really hated the Jews. They stole all their property and made them convert or leave (1492). The Jews were hated by both the christians and the muslims, and didn’t have many places to go to. Many rich Spanish Jews chose to convert to catholicism rather than lose all their money. The catholics then instituted the Inquisition, which was directed against Jewish converts, the richer the better.

The muslims were a bigger group. The catholics gave them the same order: convert or leave. The rich muslims had someplace to go to: muslim Morocco or elsewhere in the muslim world. Many poor muslims stayed in Spain and converted to catholicism. They were not persecuted as much by the Inquisition, but nevertheless, after a hundred years, when Spain had lots of South American gold, they expelled the muslim converts (Moriscos), most of whom went to Morocco and converted to islam when they got there.

Segue to today: liberal Spain hates Jews more than ever, even though they have not seen a living Jew in 400 years. They lead the EU in their venom towards Israel (and that’s saying a lot).

On the other hand, as part of the recent financial boom, they invited a million poor muslims from Morocco to come to Spain and pick up christian garbage and work in the christian farms. The muslims now make up 2% of Spain’s population. And as the financial bust has set in, they have lost their menial jobs and are going on welfare.

My Jewish conclusion: Spain sucks.

Comment by Samuel Fistel — August 10, 2009 @ 1:56 am

So? Who hates Jews most? Take your pick, but Spain is right up there with the rest of them. (lw)

Spanish Jew-hatred extended to those Jews who had converted to Christianity (Catholicism) and their  descendants.  Often for reasons of economic and political jealousy, this hatred by Spaniards for conversos even exceeded that they had for Jews.  See . . .

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